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Getting Help

What to do if you notice system faults, or have general problems with the system or with programming.

Please follow the procedures below according to the category of problem.

Serious System Faults

  1. Check the news page for announcements.
  2. In the absence of announcements, please email cosmos-help, as soon as possible.
  3. During office hours, the system manager can be telephoned at (01223) 339740.

If serious problems occur outside office hours, regrettably we cannot guarantee to deal with them before the next working day. However, we are on the SGI critical list for system support, so we receive high priority treatment and we enjoy close links with SGI engineers.

Other System Problems

Again, please first check the news page for relevant information, then email full details of the problem to cosmos-help

General Problems

  • For issues concerning resource allocation, please discuss with your local project manager who will then communicate with the COSMOS team.
  • In the absence of enlightenment, please consult ccosmos-help for advice. We can now provide assistance for specific programming issues (subject to load).
  • Suggestions for improvements (e.g. new software or web page changes/corrections) are welcome, again please email cosmos-help.