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Creating Shared Directories

Create a directory where users u1, u2, …, uN can all read and write to all files, do:

setfacl -d -m u:u1:rwX,u:u2:rwX,…,u:uN:rwX directory
setfacl -m u:u1:rwX,u:u2:rwX,…,u:uN:rwX directory

Note that

  • All these users need to be able to access "directory/.." normally in order to cd to directory itself (i.e. at least o+x must be set in the directory containing "directory" and all directories below that).
  • If you want to allow some and prevent other users from seeing your directory/files, you should use normal chmod permissions to give access to yourself only (chmod 700 directory, chmod 700 executable_file or chmod 600 non_executable_file) and then modify the ACL.
  • ACLs do not get added to old files nor to files which are not originally created in the directory with the desired ACL. In particular, moving files will not give an ACL to them.