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User guide

COSMOS User guide, including requesting an account, logging in, running jobs, managing files and more.
Quick Start
Guide which covers procedures for applying for a new, or renewed account on COSMOS@DiRAC, logging in, and basic usage.
Running Jobs
Information about: how to submit jobs to run on the COSMOS machines and basic usage of the MOAB scheduler, the different batch queues on the systems, sample job scripts, and memory considerations for your jobs.
Using Xeon Phi on COSMIC
A guide to using the Xeon Phi cards on COSMIC.
Post-CXFS Changes
Breakdown of the changes of how to use the COSMOS machines since the CXFS upgrade. What has been changed by the arrival of CXFS?
System Maintenance
Information about regular system maintenance.
Getting Help
What to do if you notice system faults, or have general problems with the system or with programming.
COSMOS Application Form
COSMOS Acknowledgements
Descriptions of the different filesystems for data storage on COSMOS and tips for efficient I/O performance.
How to monitor your quota and what it means
Creating Shared Directories