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Urgent update to universe/cosmos [UPDATE]

Dear users,

Now that the CXFS installation has been finished and proven to work reliably on cosmos2 and cosmic, we can finally update cosmos and universe as well. This update is required because of an issue caused by having different versions of SGI MPT on cosmos2/cosmic and on cosmos/universe.

To ensure that there is no break in service, this will be done in two stages: universe on Fri 26/9 and cosmos on 1/10. During the time universe(cosmos) is being upgraded, no jobs will run on universe(cosmos), but other machines will work as usual. Also, login sessions to universe(cosmos) will need to be terminate on Friday(Wednesday). Therefore, please pay attention to which machine(s) you log onto.

And as a reminder, cosmos2 and cosmic can be directly logged on to as well.

Best regards, COSMOS Management

UPDATE: Due to the unexpected downtime on Cosmos on Sat 27/09/14, the downtime scheduled here has been cancelled: all necessary updates were done during this unexpected downtime.