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Maintenance on all Systems 27-29th August [UPDATE]

Major storage upgrade will be implemented. Cosmos2 will be split into two systems, one with Xeon Phi and the other with only Xeons. Filesystems, unix groups, moab accounts, and disk quotas will also be revised.

Dear users,

We are implementing the first step of the upgrade to Cosmos storage.

This first step will take place during a three-day maintenance on 27-29/8. After that, the file-systems at /nfs/scratch, /nfs/cosmos2-local/projects and /nfs/cosmos2-local/flagship will no longer exist.

Instructions on how to use the new file-systems will be made available on the website in due course.

Cosmos2 will be split in two, one "normal" part and the other containing the Xeon Phi coprocessors, which we hope will in a usable state at that point: if you fancy giving them a try, please email us.

At the same time, the file-systems mentioned above, along with some others, will be converted into CXFS file-system, which means every machine will be able to read and write every file-system. This means file management sessions will become unnecessary: you just ssh in and access, read and write, all your files.

However, this process means we need to destroy /nfs/scratch, /local/universe- space (on universe), and /local/cosmos-space (on cosmos).

We will also implement the stricter usage restrictions on the new file- systems, so if you are using a lot of space at the moment, you will need to tidy up when the maintenance is over anyway.

Best regards,
COSMOS Management

  • UPDATE 29/8 19:40 * Downtime will be prolonged until further notice. We are currently working to restore service, but have hit a few bumps. Apologies for the inconvience.
  • UPDATE 01/09 - Cosmos2 service restored. CXFS installation still on going however.