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Dear Users,

Today's maintenance appears to have been successful, however we are still stress testing things so the machines are not back up yet.
Tomorrow the COSMOS machines will be reopened to the users with the CXFS upgrade in place. There are a number of changes to the filesystems that you need to know in order to keep using the system.

These (and near-future plans) are detailed here:
Please read this.

Essentially the old file systems have been remapped to different paths and are now mounted with cxfs instead of nfs:

  • /nfs/space -> /fast/space (146TB)
  • /nfs/flagship -> /fast/flagship (60TB)
  • /nfs/scratch -> /slow/data (40TB)

These are accessible on all machines.
You will need to change job scripts and programs that reference the old paths literally.

Queue names in the job scheduler will be refactored this week also to make the queues simpler and uniform across the different machines. More information on this will be provided before this is implemented.

If you have any questions about the changes then please don't hesitate to ask.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this prolonged upgrade.

Kind regards,
COSMOS Management

  • Update - 17/09 @ 1530 - problems seem to have been fixed. system still unavailable for login while we carry out further tests. should be open again this evening.