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CXFS upgrade: planned downtime on 11/3/15 [moved from 9/3, 10/3] [UPDATE]

UPDATE 2015-03-12: We having trouble bringing cosmos2 back up. Other machines are in operation.

UPDATE: The downtime is now finally settled to 11/3.

Dear users,

Regarding the planned downtime, there has been an unplanned delay by the vendor, of either one or two days. This means the downtime on Monday 9/3 is cancelled and moved to Tuesday 10/3 (or, possibly Wednesday 11/3). Please keep an eye on the website for further details:

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,
COSMOS Management

On Monday 02 Mar 2015 10:26:12 COSMOS Management wrote:

Dear users,

We will have a planned downtime on Monday 9/3/2015 to facilitate a CXFS reconfiguration which will later allow us to increase (if only slightly) the available storage we have.

The queues will be stopped and disabled for the duration of the reconfiguration because we will need to unmount all CXFS filesystems for a short time. We may keep the systems open for interactive sessions, though, but please note that even if we do so, they are AT RISK and we may shut them down at any time should there be an unforeseen need. Also, any processes accessing the CXFS filesystems (i.e. anything in either /slow or /fast) will be killed without a warning if/when we need to unmount them.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but hope we will make up for that by slightly improved storage a short while later!

Best regards, COSMOS Management