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Dear users,

We have what looks like another episode of the NFS problem we thought SGI had supplied a fix for earlier. We have hacked cosmos2 into a reachable state, but unfortunately any access to the NFS filesystems will cause the process involved to hang. As this is the first time we actually manage to gain access to the system in this state, we will gather as much data from the system as we possibly can before rebooting it and bringing it back to service.

Please excuse us for the inconvenience. We will detail the progress on the news feed here.

Best regards,

COSMOS Management

2014-04-03T00:43:12BST: Cosmos2 is somewhat usable again. Unfortunately, all user processes were killed in the process and it still did not regain its full faculties, so a reboot will soon follow.

2014-04-03T01:49:59BST: Cosmos2 is back in use again. Hopefully the forensic data gathered will finally lead to these issues being solved.