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COSMOS2 Service Partially Restored

Dear users,

The upgrade to CXFS is not finished yet due to unforeseen software problems. However we can open up cosmos2 for use anyway. We are working around the problem by mounting the file systems on cosmos2 with NFS. Note that filesystem performance over NFS will not be great.
cosmos and universe are not available yet. We are currently working to get them functional.

Please SSH directly to cosmos2.

Some of the old filesystems have been moved so you may have to modify your job scripts.
/nfs/local-cosmos2/ and /local/cosmos2-space have gone to /nfs/space /nfs/local-cosmos2/flagship and /local/cosmos2-flagship have gone to /nfs/flagship.

Cosmos2 now also has less nodes because we have partitioned it and created a new machine - cosmic - which hosts the Xeon Phi cards. Cosmos2 now has 188 nodes available for jobs.

There will likely be some disruption tomorrow when we resume work in the form of brief network loss or filesystems being remounted, but hopefully we won't need downtime. If we do then you will be notified in advance. So use at your own risk.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by the recent downtime.

Kind regards,
COSMOS Management