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COSMOS all services power down on 4/4-5/4

Electrical testing by Estates forces shutdown of electrical equipment in CMS/DAMTP.

Dear users,

As we have informed you earlier, the University estates will performa periodic test of the electrical systems in the Department on 5/4/2014. We will use this opportunity to do any relevant maintenance work just before the shutdown, on the evening of 4/4. Therefore, all of COSMOS will be out of service from 16:00 on 4/4 00 until about 24h later, 17:00 on 5/4.

Please take this powerdown into account when submitting jobs next week as any job with a runtime so long that the time left until the shutdown from the point of submission is less than the requested runtime will simply block the queue for yourself AND others. (Backfilled jobs excepted.) That is, please do one of the following: a) when Friday 16:00 is just 3 days away, please refrain from submitting jobs with runtimes > 3 days or b) use the -a flag of msub: it tells moab NOT to schedule the job before a certain time. If that time is after the shutdown, then the job will be scheduled as normal after the shutdown, does not interfere with other jobs before the shutdown, and allows you to submit the job in advance of the shutdown like usual. Syntax:

msub -a 201404051700 <the rest of your normal arguments here>

will ensure your job is not considered for execution before 17:00 on 2014-04-05, which is the (projected) end time of the maintenance. We are sorry for any inconvenience this will cause.

Best regards,

COSMOS Management