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End of maintenance and changes to COSMOS

Dear Users

All machines are now back online and are accepting jobs. During the maintenance window we have introduced few changes visible to the users.

We have now turned on the enforcement of the quotas as required by DiRAC earlier this year. Please see the User Guide for details on how to monitor and manage your project's quota. The home directory quotas are unchanged, these changes affect /fast/space only.

We have also made some small adjustments to the queues, e.g. previously there were some job sizes that no queue would accept (obviously a mistake on our part) which we have now fixed. The main new thing is that you now need to explicitly specify the queue you want. Please check that you are still using the queues the right way at:

There was also a small change for those few users who belong to several projects: you should from now on always specify which project you would like you job to run under. Otherwise your files will end up using the wrong project's quota. We cannot tell which files belong to which project so this is up to you. The above webpage contains the instructions for this, too.

We have also taken a new file-system, /slow/space, into pilot use. It will replace /slow/data on 1/10/2016 so data on /slow/data should be moved to /slow/space by 1/10/2016. For the next few days, /slow/space will be available for pilot users but you should start checking which files you still need on /slow/data immediately: there will be quotas on /slow/space to avoid current chronic fullness and ages old files.

After 1/10/2016 /slow/data will be unmounted as precaution in anticipation of its hardware failing due to old age soon: by turning it off we will increase the likelihood the data can still be accessed if you miss this two-month window to grab your old data from it.

Best regards,

COSMOS Management