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System Status

System related news items.

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COSMOS2/COSMOS/UNIVERSE scheduled maintenance 2014-02-26 #FINISHED#

Dear users,

There will be downtime on all systems on Wednesday 26th February.
Cosmos2 requires a blade replacement and important system updates and will be down for the whole day.
Cosmos/universe will be down in the morning for important system updates.

See this page for updates on the day.


Kind regards,


## 20:20 ##

Cosmos is available again. Universe is unavailable for another 2 hours while we run further tests. Cosmos2 soon to follow.

## 22:30##

All systems back online. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

COSMOS2 Down *UPDATE - System up*

Dear users,

Cosmos2 crashed last night due to a possible hardware failure. We are currently running diagnostics and will try to get the system back up ASAP. Updates will be posted in this news item.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,


*10:50 - System is booting now*

*11:10 - System is now up and the queues are started *

COSMOS2 Recent crash #Update#

Dear users,

Cosmos2 crashed this morning due to a hardware failure. The cause of which is currently being investigated. Updates will be added here.

Kind Regards,


## update 04/02 1:30pm ##

System back up again. One of the NUMALink cables has failed. New part has been ordered.

COSMOS2 scheduled for maintenance on 2014-01-29 from 09:00 [FINISHED]

COSMOS2 maintenance


We have scheduled time for maintenance on 2014-01-29, starting 09:00 by which time the queues will be drained. We have reserved a 24-hour window for the maintenance, so unless something unexpected and unsurmountable occurs, COSMOS will be back online before 09:00 the morning after.

This maintenance is a rescheduling of the one on 2014-01-22 and the goal is to finish the work started last year to replace the faulty PCIe sockets on 4 of the nodes.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,


** Update **

Work finished without any problems. System back on line. Queues started again.

Scheduled downtime on Cosmos2 Wednesday 22/01/14

Cosmos2 maintenance

This Wednesday there is scheduled down time on Cosmos2 starting at 09:30. This is to finish the work started last year to replace the faulty PCIe sockets on 4 of the nodes.

Queues will be drained by 09:00 on Wednesday morning. System should be back up by about 3pm.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.