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System Status

System related news items.

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Scheduled COSMOS maintenance 11/09/2013

COSMOS Systems regular maintenance - cosmos2 and cosmic only

cosmos2 and cosmic will be offline for maintenance - preventive DIMM replacement and outstanding OS fixes/patches to be applied. cosmos/universe will continue to be accessible for jobs and file access. cosmos2/projects will be inaccessible though.


-- 9.15am maintenance under way

Web server recent crash

Web server has crashed last week with a loss of content.

Sorry to say so, but due to a combination of unfortunate events, we have lost the content of the new Cosmos web service (including backups), so it will take time to restore that. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Andrey Kaliazin.

Welcome message

A welcome message for the new users

Welcome everybody!

This is a new COSMOS web portal development site.