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Software and Libraries

Libraries and applications available on Cosmos machines


The following libraries are all automatically loaded for all users via the module 'cosmolib':

NameDefault Version Development Version
cfitsio 3.31
fftw2 2.1.5
fftw3 3.3.2 3.3.3 (fftw3/3.3.3-intel-13.1.2)
gsl 1.15 1.16 (gsl/1.16-intel-13.1.2)
healpix 2.20a
hdf5 1.8.9 1.8.10 (hdf5/1.8.10-intel-13.1.2-serial)

To load a development version, load the corresponding module, specified in brackets in the column above. For example:

module load fftw3/3.3.3-intel-13.1.2



We have up to date versions of both Intel and GCC compilers for C/C++/Fortran. These are found in the modules named 'icomp' and 'gcc' respectively. Note, that if you require newer features from the compiler standards with the Intel compiler (e.g. C++11/14) you will also need to load one of the GCC modules because the system wide GCC is not new enough to support these features.

We also provide a module for clang and clang++. To compile with openmp you need to use the flag: -fopenmp=libomp

Available Modules

A list of all the available modules can be found from either the command `module av` or listed in tabular form here.