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New COSMOS system manager - Dr Juha Jäykkä

On 16th January the CTC will be joined by Dr Juha Jäykkä, who will take over from Andrey Kaliazin as COSMOS Supercomputer System Manager.

Juha has a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Turku, Finland, and has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in topological solitons. In research support roles he has managed the local part of a HPC cluster acquisition in a multi-university procurement process, acted as an HPC cluster administrator and as a support scientist for Cray supercomputer users, where his responsibilities included code optimisation and porting. Professor Paul Shellard, CTC Director said, "The COSMOS consortium eagerly welcomes Dr Juha Jäykkä with his unique background in mathematical physics, HPC applications support and operations management; we are confident his excellent skill set will push forward our world-leading developmental work in both shared-memory and MIC accelerator programming paradigms."