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COSMOS Publications 2013

Planck Collaboration (P.A.R. Ade et al.), "Planck 2013 results. XXIX. Planck catalogue of Sunyaev-Zeldovich sources", arXiv:1303.5089 [astro-ph.CO].

Planck Collaboration (P.A.R. Ade et al.), "Planck 2013 results. XXV. Searches for cosmic strings and other topological defects", arXiv:1303.5085 [astro-ph.CO].

Planck Collaboration (P.A.R. Ade et al.), "Planck 2013 results. XXIV. Constraints on primordial non-Gaussianity", arXiv:1303.5084 [astro-ph.CO].

Planck Collaboration (P.A.R. Ade et al.), "Planck 2013 results. XXIII. Isotropy and Statistics of the CMB", arXiv:1303.5083 [astro-ph.CO].

Planck Collaboration (P.A.R. Ade et al.), "Planck 2013 results. XIX. The integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect", arXiv:1303.5079 [astro-ph.CO].

Planck Collaboration (P.A.R. Ade et al.), "Planck 2013 results. XII. Component separation", arXiv:1303.5072 [astro-ph.CO].

Planck and AMI Collaborations (P.A.R. Ade et al.), "Planck Intermediate Results II: Comparison of Sunyaev-Zeldovich measurements from Planck and from the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager for 11 galaxy clusters", Astronomy & Astrophysics 550 (2013) A128.

Y. Ali-Haimoud, S. Bird, "An efficient implementation of massive neutrinos in non-linear structure formation simulations", Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 428 (2013) 3375-3389arXiv:1209.0461 [astro-ph.CO].

Ahmed F. Al-Refaie, Sergei N. Yurchenko, Andrey Yachmenev and Jonathan Tennyson, "ExoMol line lists V: A variationally computed line-list for hot formaldehyde", Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., to be submitted

Mustafa A. Amin, Eugene A. Lim, I-Sheng Yang, "A Clash of Kinks: Phase shifts in colliding non-integrable solitons",  Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (2013) 224101arXiv:1308.0605 [hep-th].

Mustafa A. Amin, Eugene A. Lim, I-Sheng Yang, "A scattering theory of ultrarelativistic solitons", Phys. Rev. D 88 (2013) 105024arXiv:1308.0606 [hep-th].

Lauren Anderson, Eric Aubourg, Stephen Bailey, Dmitry Bizyaev, Michael Blanton, Adam S. Bolton, J. Brinkmann, Joel R. Brownstein et al., "The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in the Data Release 9 Spectroscopic Galaxy Sample", arXiv:1203.6594 [astro-ph.CO]. 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.22066.x. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 427 (2013) 4, 3435-3467.

PRISM Collaboration (Philippe Andre et al.), "PRISM (Polarized Radiation Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission): A White Paper on the Ultimate Polarimetric Spectro-Imaging of the Microwave and Far-Infrared Sky", arXiv:1306.2259 [astro-ph.CO].

Benjamin Audren, Julien Lesgourgues, Simeon Bird, Martin G. Haehnelt, Matteo Viel, "Neutrino masses and cosmological parameters from a Euclid-like survey: Markov Chain Monte Carlo forecasts including theoretical errors", arXiv:1210.2194 [astro-ph.CO] 10.1088/1475-7516/2013/01/026. JCAP 1301 (2013) 026.

P. Barai et al., "Galactic winds in cosmological simulations of the circumgalactic medium", arXiv:1210.3582 [astro-ph.CO] Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 430 (2013) 3213-3234.

Richard A. Battye, Mareike Haberichter, "Isospinning baby Skyrmion Solutions", Phys. Rev. D 88 (2013) 125016arXiv:1309.3907 [hep-th].

Richard A. Battye, Mareike Haberichter, "Classically Isospinning Hopf Solitons", arXiv:1301.6803 [hep-th] 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.105003. Phys. Rev. D87 (2013) 105003.

E. Berti, V. Cardoso, L. Gualtieri, M. Horbatsch, U. Sperhake, "Numerical simulations of single and binary black holes in scalar-tensor theories: Circumventing the no-hair theorem", arXiv:1304.2836 [gr-qc] Phys. Rev. D 87 (2013) 124020

Laura Bethke, Daniel G. Figueroa, Arttu Rajantie, "On the Anisotropy of the Gravitational Wave Background from Massless Preheating", arXiv:1309.1148 [astro-ph.CO].

Laura Bethke, Daniel G. Figueroa, Arttu Rajantie, "Anisotropies in the Gravitational Wave Background from Preheating", arXiv:1304.2657 [astro-ph.CO] 10.1103/PhysRevLett.111.011301. Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (2013) 011301.

James S. Bolton, George D. Becker, Martin G. Haehnelt, Matteo Viel, "A consistent determination of the temperature-density relation of the intergalactic medium at redshift z=2.4", arXiv:1308.4411 [astro-ph.CO].

James S. Bolton, Martin G. Haehnelt, "On the rapid demise of Lyman-alpha emitters at z>7 due to the increasing incidence of optically thick absorption systems", arXiv:1208.4417 [astro-ph.CO] 10.1093/mnras/sts455 Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 429 (2013) 1695-1704.

C.B. Brook, M.S. Miranda, B.K. Gibson, K. Pilkington, G.S. Stinson, "The Lowest Metallicity Stars in the LMC: Clues from MaGICC Simulations", arXiv:1306.3559 [astro-ph.GA] 10.1017/pasa.2013.20 PASA 30 (2013) id.e042.

C.B. Brook, G. Stinson, B.K. Gibson, S. Shen, A.V. Maccio, J. Wadsley, T. Quinn, "The MaGICC Baryon Cycle: The Enrichment History of Simulated Disc Galaxies", arXiv:1306.5766 [astro-ph.CO].

A. Di Cintio, C.B. Brook, A.V. Maccio, G.S. Stinson, A. Knebe, A.A. Dutton, J. Wadsley, "The Dependence of Dark Matter Profiles on the Stellar-to-Halo Mass Ratio: A Prediction for Cusps versus Cores", arXiv:1306.0898 [astro-ph.CO] 10.1093/mnras/stt1891 MNRAS, 437, 415-423.

V. P. Debattista, S. Kazantzidis, F. C. van den Bosch, "Disk Assembly and the MBH – σe Relation of Supermassive Black Holes", arXiv:1301.2669 [astro-ph.GA] 10.1088/0004-637X/765/1/23. ApJ 765 (2013), 23.

J. Delabrouille et al., "The pre-launch Planck Sky Model: a model of sky emission at submillimetre to centimetre wavelenghts", Astronomy & Astrophysics 553 (2013) A96.

F. De Lorenzi, M. Hartmann, V.P. Debattista, A.C. Seth, O. Gerhard, "Three-integral multicomponent dynamical models and simulations of the nuclear star cluster in NGC 4244", arXiv:1208.2161 [astro-ph.GA] 10.1093/mnras/sts545 MNRAS 429 (2013), 2974

A. Di Cintio et al., "Size matters: the non-universal density profile of subhaloes in SPH simulations and implications for the Milky Way's dSphs", arXiv:1204.0515 [astro-ph.CO] Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 431 (2013), 1220-1229.

Farhan Feroz, Mike Hobson, "Bayesian analysis of radial velocity data of GJ667C with correlated noise: evidence for no more than 3 planets", arXiv:1307.6984 [astro-ph.EP].

F. Feroz, M.P. Hobson, E. Cameron, A.N. Pettitt, "Importance Nested Sampling and the MultiNest Algorithm", arXiv:1306.2144 [astro-ph.IM].

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Pau Figueras, Toby Wiseman, "Stationary holographic plasma quenches and numerical methods for non-Killing horizons", arXiv:1212.4498 [hep-th] 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.171602. Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 (2013) 171602.

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D. Gerosa, M. Kesden, E. Berti, R. O'Shaughnessy, U. Sperhake, "Resonant-plane locking and spin alignment in stellar-mass black-hole binaries: A diagnostic of compact-binary formation", arXiv:1302.4442 [gr-qc] Phys. Rev. D 87 (2013) 104028

B.K. Gibson, K. Pilkington, K., C.B. Brook, G.S. Stinson, J. Bailin, "Constraining sub-grid physics with high-redshift spatially-resolved metallicity distributions", arXiv:1304.3020 [astro-ph.GA] 10.1051/0004-6361/201321239 A&A 554 (2013) id.A47.

Robert J. J. Grand, Daisuke Kawata, Mark Cropper, "Spiral arm pitch angle and galactic shear rate in N-body simulations of disc galaxies", arXiv:1209.4083 [astro-ph.GA] 10.1051/0004-6361/201321308. Astron. & Astrophys. 553 (2013) 77-87

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Jason A. S. Hunt, Daisuke Kawata, Hugo Martel, "Investigating Bar Structure of Disc Galaxies via PRIMAL: A PaRtIcle-by-particle M2M ALgorithm", arXiv:1304.4592 [astro-ph.GA] 10.1093/mnras/stt657. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 432 (2013) 3062-3073.

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