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Why is my job blocked?

In Moab jobs go into state 'blocked' for a number of reasons. These can either be due to a user's mistake in the job script, violation of job policy by the user (e.g. max number of jobs exceeded), or sometimes due to problems inside of Moab.

If you find your job in this state please run:

$ checkjob -v -v <JOBID>

Where <JOBID> is the id of your job. This should tell you why it has been blocked. If you suspect that something is wrong on the Moab/system side then please email cosmos support.

Why can't I log into COSMOS?

Please check the system status page to see if there is scheduled maintenance or a reported problem on COSMOS. You can also log into UNIVERSE, which is an identical system to COSMOS. If there is nothing scheduled and you can't log on to any machine then email cosmos support.

Where did scratch/cosmos-tmp go?

Nowhere - it just changed names. Please read for the post CXFS changes:


How can I used omplace with Allinea DDT/MAP?

Currently it does not seem possible to you omplace/dplace directly with DDT/MAP. You can however side-step this issue by getting the same placement behaviour from the environment variables in SGI MPT. Please use:


To get the equivalent of omplace -nt 8.


How do I install the Planck Likelihood data?

This is small enough to install in your home space. The PLC installer relies on having an up to date python installation. The default system python on the cosmos machines is not new enough, therefore you need to load the python module before you install:

$ module load python

Then continue with the instructions from here:

You may want to add `module load python` to your ~/.bashrc.local file so that a compatible version of python is loaded when you run the likelihood code.